Decorating with Rose Petals

Our beautiful rose petals, lavender and Bougainvillea petals are an affordable and easy way to provide bright colors and beautiful scents at your wedding reception or other special event.

Tabletop Splendor

  • Scatter petals on guest tables. They can be used alone or arranged in combination with a centerpiece or a small group of votive candles.
  • For a grander “Royal Wedding” look, completely cover the head table with fresh rose petals.
  • Add a beautiful touch to the gift and cake tables by creating a soft border of rose petals along the outer edges of each table.

One bag of our petals will cover approximately six 60″ round tables with a lightly scattered look. For a more densely carpeted look, you’ll need one bag for every three tables.

Floating Rose Petal Centerpiece

  • Fill small glass bowls half full with water and top them with rose petals.
  • Place a floating candle in the middle of each bowl and ask the staff to light them all just before guests enter the reception hall. This is especially lovely at an evening ceremony.

Champagne on a Bed of Roses

  • Add a fancy touch to the traditional wedding toast by lining your champagne serving trays with beds of rose petals.

Rose Coffee/Dessert Service

  • When it’s time for coffee to be served, have your caterer place sugar cubes on each saucer with a rose petal underneath.
  • Or, as you are cutting your wedding cake, have the server place a rose petal beneath the fork on each plate for a colorful and sweet floral treat.

Restroom Accents

Place bowls of fragrant lavender rose potpourri or rose petals mixed with French lavender buds on restroom vanities for a distinctive decorative look and lovely floral scent.

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