Rose Petal Toss

You will add romance and sophistication to your grand exit when your guests toss colorful rose petals into the air instead of rice. Follow our wedding toss planning guide to ensure your guests make this a picture-perfect moment for you.


  • Your choice of petals or botanicals.
  • Several large baskets or attractive containers for the finished tosses.
  • Three to four wedding helpers.


  • Decide on the most appropriate time for your wedding toss . The toss is traditionally done on the steps of the church as the bride and groom walk outside, but for outdoor or other non-traditional wedding locations you may consider having the toss during the bride and groom’s recession.
  • Decide how the petals will be distributed: For a toss during the recession, arrange for each guest to receive a filled container along with the wedding program as they enter before the ceremony. For a traditional toss outside the church, plan to have ushers and other helpers hold the baskets of containers or loose petals for guests to take as they exit the ceremony.
  • Plan on one package of botanicals for every 20 containers.


  • At your rehearsal, make sure your helpers know where the tosses will be stored and when and how to distribute them (before or after the ceremony).
  • If you are using fresh petals, have your wedding helpers fill the containers about an hour before the wedding. Our dried petals and botanicals can be prepared the night before and kept in a cool, dry place until they are ready to be used. Alternatively, have your helpers fill the baskets with loose botanicals.
  • Your ushers and attendants should take the lead as to when the toss is to begin; once they start cheering and tossing the petals in the air, your guests will know it’s time to help create that picture-perfect moment.

Success Tips

  • If you are using any of our dried petals or botanicals, keep the package sealed until the last possible moment so they will be drier and fly better.
  • Consider adding a pretty tag to each toss containing a special message to prepare your guests for the toss. Write your own message or use one of ours:

To toss in the air and sprinkle around 
To shower the couple so that joy will abound.
When [bride] and [groom] exit with flair,
please joyously toss your petals high in the air!

After the big kiss, be ready for this;
The couple will smile as they walk down the aisle.
And that is your cue to toss high in the air,
these petals of love for this happiest pair.

These pretty petals are for you to share.
As the couple walks outside, toss them high in the air.
Shower them with love, and give them a big cheer,
And help make this moment for them most dear.

The couple would like to ask
if you would help with a special wedding task.
Wait outside for them to appear
And when that moment arrives, give a huge cheer.
Toss these rose petals far above
to shower the couple with all of your love.

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