Fragrant Flavors

Our beautiful rose petals and botanicals make lovely take-home favors when they’re tucked in our Sachets, Petal Purses and Petal Pockets.

Fragrant Sachets

Our Heart Shaped Organza Bags make wonderful sachets when filled with our naturally fragrant Dried French Lavender Buds or our Lavender Rose Potpourri.

These look wonderful piled in a pretty basket near the door or in the middle of the table so guests can help themselves.

One package of petals or botanicals is enough to fill 20 organza bags.

Petal Purses

So cute! Our see-through Petal Purses can be filled with any of our fresh or freeze-dried petals or botanicals. They make a great decoration when you put one at each place setting for a bridal shower. Consider attaching a pretty name tag and they can double as a place card.

One package of petals is enough to fill 20 purses.

Petal Pockets

Tied with a satin heart ribbon, our heart-shaped Petal Pockets are great for themed events, showers, and of course, weddings! Fill them with our petals or your own chocolates or other fancy treats.

One package of petals is enough to fill 20 pockets.

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