Rose Petal Walkway

Set the stage for a stylish wedding by creating a dramatic rose petal walkway that greets your guests as they arrive and then provides a lush bridal walkway for your grand entrance.


  • Decide on a style for your walkway or aisle. Densely covered, lightly scattered, or edged where petals are placed only along the sides of the aisle to allow your flower girl to fill in the center with additional petals as she walks ahead of you.
  • Any of our natural botanicals are appropriate for your walkway but you should compare freeze dried with fresh to decide what will work best for you. Consider combining your petals with Lavender Buds for added interest, color and texture.
  • Measure the space that you wish to cover and then order enough petals to achieve your desired look. One package will densely cover a 3′ x 5′ area. If you’re going for a lightly scattered look, one package will cover a 3′ x10′ area.
  • Arrange for your ushers or other trusted friends and family members to set up your walkway. Meet with them at the rehearsal so they are sure to understand the exact look you want to achieve.


  • Your helpers should start scattering the petals on the walkway or aisle 30 minutes before guests are due to arrive.
  • As guests step over petals or the outdoor breeze picks up, one helper should remain there to fill in the area with more rose petals for subsequent guests and then for the bridal party as they enter.

Success Tips

  • If you are using freeze dried petals open your petal package the day before the wedding so they’ll soften in the open air.

If your wedding is outdoors, have your helpers cover the finished walkway with large plastic tablecloths to keep the petals from blowing away; then have your helpers remove the tablecloths moments before guests and wedding party arrive for the ceremony.

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