Invitation for Romance

Rose petals can be enjoyed after the wedding as an invitation for romance for you and your new spouse.

Your Wedding Night

Order an extra package of fresh rose petals to decorate your wedding night suite. About an hour before you’re due to leave the reception, have a friend scatter the petals on on the floor leading to the bed, decorate the bedspread and if there’s a tub in the bathroom, consider putting a dish of petals to the side to float on the water once the bath has been drawn.

Your Honeymoon

Or, plan to tuck a package of freeze-dried rose petals and votive candles into your honeymoon suitcase. You’ll have makings for a very romantic honeymoon suite and the fragrance in your suitcase will remind you of your lovely rose-scented wedding.

Special Occasions Made Romantic

Fresh rose petals are also a wonderful way to bring romance to your home any time of year for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Consider scattering roses on the dining room table during a dinner for two, or decorating the bed or bath for a night of romance.

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