Flower Girl Petal Toss

Flower girls have been a wedding tradition for hundreds of years, symbolizing the youthful aspect of the circle of life. Here is our take on how to prepare your little angel for her all-important walk preceding you down the aisle.

Fresh or Freeze Dried?

Any of our natural botanicals are appropriate for your flower girl toss but you should compare freeze dried with fresh to decide what will work best for you.

Ordering Your Petals

We recommend you order one package of our petals to fill one large or two small flower girl baskets.

You may want to consider creating a rose petal walkway before the ceremony. In this way, you will be sure to have a consistent carpet of petals even if the flower girl becomes distracted or throws all of her petals in her first few strides.

Practice, Practice

If your flower girl has a short attention span, you should start prepping her a few weeks before your ceremony. Present it to her as very important to you and a fun job too!

  • Find an area that is about the same length as your wedding aisle – outdoors if possible – so the birds can be your clean-up.
  • Fill her basket with plain popcorn (no oil or it may stain the basket).
  • Work with your flower girl on the pace of her walk, how many petals to use for each toss and how frequently she should toss them. Emphasize that she’s not a baseball pitcher! She needs to pretend she is a beautiful princess with long, flowing arms and delicate moves.
  • Give her a small, inexpensive basket to take home and ask her to practice with leaves or more popcorn.
  • The day of the rehearsal she should try out her skills again.

Above all, let your flower girl know she’s a vital part of your wedding and that you love her, no matter what happens.

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