Helpful Tips for Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Helpful Hints and Tips for your Perfectly Preserved Rose Petals…


Store your petals in a cool dark area away for direct light.  (The refrigerator would be too cold.)   This will help your petals to look the freshest on the day of your event.  When you open your bags of petals you may find them to be a little fragile. Your petals will soften when exposed to the moisture of the air.

Wedding Toss:

Leave the petals in an airtight container as provided until the day of the event.  This will keep them firm so that they will “fly” better.

The Aisle:

You may want to place the petals in a basket in a dark area a day prior to the wedding.  This will help to soften them.

The Bedroom:

If you are using the petals to add a romantic touch to the bedroom we suggest taking the petals into the bathroom when you are taking a shower.  Open the package and set it on a dry surface.  The steam from the shower will soften the petals.


For your safety do not use rose petals in wet conditions.  When exposed to rain, melted snow, spilled beverages, etc. the petals may stain carpets, flooring and clothing.  They may also become slick and present a slipping hazard

Do not eat the petals.  They are for decorative purposes only.

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